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Welcome to the City Government Page. This page serves as the starting point for finding information on departments, elected officials, city council/planning commission meetings, municipal ordinances and forms. Below are links to individual pages and descriptions of the information they contain. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the City at (541) 395-2698 or For departmental contact information go to the department’s individual page or the directory tab.

Departmental Pages

Office of the Mayor – The Mayor’s personal page. Contains a welcome from the Mayor, an outline of the City’s current goals and community links.

City Council – This page has some brief information on all currently elected City Councilors, the role of the Council, meeting times and monthly agendas.

Planning Commission – Contains similar information as the City Council page regarding the Commission.

Department of Public Works – This page has contact information for the Department of Public works and announcements about municipal projects.

Ordinances & Forms – This page contains pdf documents of City ordinances and important forms.

Office of the Mayor


City of Maupin Newsletter


By Lynn Ewing


September 2017

The Eclipse is over! While we did not get the dire traffic, fires, injuries, and all of the other mayhem we were told to expect, we did have everything in place, just in case. There are so many of you that volunteered to help and covered key areas, if all were listed by name, there would be room for nothing else in the newsletter! Our out-of-town volunteers at the log home and in the ambulances were very impressed with our community and the people here. In fact, every visitor that I spoke with was also impressed by the same.

Still have those Eclipse glasses? Wondering what to do with them? Take them to the Southern Wasco County Library. They will pass them on to the Hillsboro Library. From there, they will be sent to schools in Chile and Argentina which are in the path of an eclipse in July of 2019.

One of the goals of our city is to do whatever we can to protect our city springs, the source of all of our water. For over 40 years, the City has been trying to work out a way to better protect the springs. We are in the final process of trading approximately one acre of land plus $20,000 to Mr. Troutman for a little over two acres between the springs and the reservoir. As a result of this, the state has awarded us a $30,000 grant to be used to fence that area and add some other spring protection measures. As the weather cools, expect to see our Public Works crew working on this important project. This is a big step in complying with state requirements for water source protection

Due to the sudden hordes of mosquitoes attacking our citizens and visitors, we contacted the Wasco County Weed and Pest Department to fog Maupin just before the Eclipse. Two more applications were applied after that. In light of some mosquito-borne illnesses reaching nearby counties, the Council has agreed to budget for a full season of mosquito control to be applied next summer. You can also help control mosquitoes! Do you have any standing water on your property? It could be in an unused flowerpot, an old tire, or anyplace that still water can pool. Please strive to eliminate these potential breeding places.

Because of the underestimating of the cost for completing the fiber project, we are working with Q-Life, Wasco County, MCEDD and others to secure the final portion of funding to complete the project. It will be completed, just later than we were hoping and expecting. Hopefully we will have a clear target in the next month or two.

Ride, Row, Run is coming to Maupin on September 17th. Start time is 9:00 Am at the Imperial River Company. See the Chamber website for more details.

Any of you that have been in or used the Legion Hall for a meeting or event know that it is need of some improvements. The Council has appointed a committee to look at the needs and help determine what needs to be done and how to accomplish those improvements. The committee includes representatives from the City Council, the Town and Country Players, the American Legion Post, and the community at large. Their meeting dates will be posted at the Post Office and at City Hall as there are established.

In case you have not visited the SWC Library recently, they are open more hours than they used to be. They open daily Tuesday through Friday at 11:00. Closing time is 5:00 PM on Tuesdays and Thursdays, 6:00 PM Wednesdays, and at 4:00 PM on Fridays. Please take advantage of the extended hours. I am hopeful that we will have some news about the progress of the new library by next month’s newsletter.

When you visit the Post Office, you will probably notice that the curbs around it have been painted and stenciled with “15 MINUTE PARKING”. We are hopeful that this will help keep parking space available for those quick trips into the Post Office or Hardware Store when our community is full of tourists. We will watch to see how well it works.

Is Hollywood coming to Maupin? A production company is working on plans to film a scene for a movie, “Woodstock or Bust”, set in the 1960’s, at Richmond’s Service in Maupin. We are still waiting for details. They have tentatively set either September 12th or 13th as a half-day of filming. Be sure to Like our Facebook page to get information as it becomes available. You can get more information about the film by Googling the title online.

No More Glass Recycling!  A & P Recycling in The Dalles has been our glass recycler since we began the recycling program. They were recently bought out by a different company and the new owners no longer care to recycle glass. They lose money on every load. Our Public Works staff is searching for a viable alternative, but until one is found, glass will have to go in your regular trash. Other recyclables can still be taken to the dumpsters at the City Park.

School has started! Be careful and watch out for our children. Remember, the school zone has a 20 MPH speed limit.

As always, if you have specific questions, complaints, or suggestions, feel free to call or email me. If I cannot answer your questions, I will find someone who can.

Enjoy the last of summer and the coming of Fall!


Are you a Facebook user? We now have a City of Maupin Facebook page. We will use this to provide updates on what is happening in between these monthly newsletters. Like our page to keep up with what’s going on in town.


Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Mayor Lynn Ewing

541-395-2811 Office

City Hall


Visit our City of Maupin Website @

Meeting Schedules

Council Meeting  @ the City Park Building 6:30 p.m. on 9/19/17 

Council Meeting @ the City Park Building 6:30 p.m. on 9/27/17

Planning Commission @ the City Park Building 6:00 p.m. Date to be determined

MV Fire Department @ the Fire Hall Building 7:00 p.m. on 9/25/17 



 See below to view Maupin Mayor’s Schedule:      

 Archived Letters:

Mayor Ewing




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City Council

City Council Elected Officials

The Maupin City Council is responsible for managing Maupin’s budget and legal matters such as drafting of ordinances. The City Council is comprised of the Mayor and six councilors. Here is some brief information about Maupin’s current City Councilors.


Lynn Ewing – Mayor

Carol Rager – Council President

Tom Troutman – Council Member

Randy Bechtol– Council Member

Jon Helquist – Council Member

Suzanne Knapp – Council Member

Dennis Ross– Council Member

Committee Appointment:

Economic Development/Liaison with other Agencies/Library

Public Safety

Public Works

Parks & Recreation

Citizen Engagement


Capital Projects/Economic Development/Intergovernmental Relations

Council Announcements

Regularly scheduled City Council meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.  Check here for special announcements on City Council matters.

City Council Monthly Agenda

Check the Agenda and Minutes section for each month’s City Council agenda. New agendas will generally be posted the week of the Council Meeting. If you would like to get an item on the agenda, you must submit your request in writing to the City no later than five (5) business days prior to the meeting date. If you have any further questions feel free to contact the City at or (541) 395-2698. Meetings are open to the public and location is accessible to persons with disabilities. The Council may deal with any item at any time in the meeting. Anyone wishing to be heard on any item should arrive when the meeting begins to avoid missing an item of interest. Topics not on the agenda may be introduced and discussed during the Open Agenda.


Public Testimony

The Council places great value on testimony from the public. People who wish to testify are encouraged to:

  • Provide written summaries (12 copies to the City Recorder prior to the agenda item)
  • Recognize that substance, not length, determines the value of testimony
  • Endorse, rather than repeat, testimony of other witnesses with whom you agree
  • The Mayor may limit time for testimony on any item and may set time limits (usually 3 minutes) for individual speakers.

Open Agenda

This time is set-aside for Council or public to introduce subjects not on the agenda. The Mayor will set time limits (usually 3 minutes) for individual speakers. The maximum amount of time for all public comments under this agenda item will be 30 minutes. Subjects requiring a decision may be tabled for consideration to the next regular scheduled Council meeting for opportunity of review or public notice. Anyone wishing to appear at Open Agenda is encouraged to let the City know in advance by calling Recorder DeOra Patton at 541-395-2698, and encouraged to provide written summaries (12 copies to the Recorder prior to the agenda item).

Planning Commission

Planning Commission Monthly Agenda

Planning Commission agenda’s will be posted to the Agenda and Minutes section prior to each meeting. New agendas will generally be posted the week of the commission meeting. If you would like to get an item on the agenda, you must submit your request in writing to the City. If you have any further questions feel free to contact the City at

Planning Commission Announcements

Planning Commission meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm pending business at hand, see the Agendas and Minutes page for specific meeting information.

Planning Commission Members

The Maupin Planning Commission is responsible for processing most land use applications and conducting periodic land use reviews. The planning commission is comprised of five members, one of whom is elected as the commission chairman. Here is some brief information on the current Planning Commission members.
Dale Madden– Commission Chairman

Virginia Fuller– Commission Member

Suze Riley– Commission Member

Mark Chastain– Commission Member

Susan Wright– Commission Member

Public Works

Welcome to the City of Maupin Department of Public Works Page. The Department of Public Works is responsible for the upkeep and improvement of municipal infrastructure and services including streets, water, sewer & parks. Use this page to keep up to date on municipal projects.

Please call (541)395-2237 for after hours emergency related to Public Works issues/problems.



Contact Information

Public Works Contact Information

390 3rd StreetMaupin, OR 97037

(541) 395-2684


Emergency Only Contact Information


This number is only to be used after regular business hours in emergency situations.

City of Maupin Ordinances and Forms

This page contains a library of the City’s ordinances, city code, and forms. Documents are categorized by document type (i.e. Ordinances, Land Use, Forms, etc…). If you have any questions or are not finding the particular document you are looking for, feel free to contact Maupin City Hall at (541) 395-2698 or Please note that public documents are currently being compiled and digitized to be added to this page. We appreciate your patience with this process. If there is a particular document or ordinance you are looking for that has not been added to the list yet, contact us at the information given above.


Maupin Subdivision Ordinance No.250 <Maupin Subdivision Ordinance #250

Lot Line Adjustment ApplicationLand Use & Zoning<Lot Line Adjustment Application


Title Description   Category Modified Date Size
Fee Schedule Fee Schedule Download Fee Schedule 1/23/2013 31.11 KB
Site Plan Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applicaitons 12/2/2015 43.89 KB
Conditional Use Permit Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 44.45 KB
Partition Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 35.43 KB
Variance Permit Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 4/25/2016 47.24 KB
Zone Change Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 40.11 KB
Sign Permit Application Signs Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 35.30 KB
Sign Ordinance Land Use & Zoning Download Ordinances 5/23/2007 3.61 MB
Comprehensive Land Use Plan Land Use & Zoning Download Ordinances 9/16/2011 1.70 MB
Zoning Ordinance Land Use & Zoning Download Ordinances 9/8/2011 2.67 MB