City of Maupin Municipal Government

Welcome to the City Government Page. This page serves as the starting point for finding information on departments, elected officials, city council/planning commission meetings, municipal ordinances and forms. Below are links to individual pages and descriptions of the information they contain. Additional information can be obtained by contacting the City at (541) 395-2698 or For departmental contact information go to the department’s individual page or the directory tab.

City Announcements

Notice of Position Opening on Maupin Planning Commission.02062018

Notice of Position Opening on Maupin Budget Committee.02062018

Notice to Property Owners- Public Hearing on 01.09.2018 for new CRT Zoning  Proposed Text:  Maupin CRT Zoning Text Proposal 12.19.2017  Proposed Map:  Maupin Map (CRT zone) 12.19.2017

Public Notice – Public Meeting on Dec 12, 2017 to Consider Property Line Adjustment between City of Maupin and Troutman
Public Notice for a Categorical Exclusion

REQUEST FOR QUALIFICATIONS – Code Enforcement Services

RFQ for Code Enforcement Services Consultant

Notice to Property Owners – Public meeting on 9-27-17 to consider adoption of An Ordinance Amending Maupin Zoning Text to Ban Vacation Rentals         Ordinance Copy:  STR and B&B Ordinance Adoption_DRAFT
Notice of Public Hearing on 06.20.2017 for Zoning Text Amendment Regarding B&Bs and Ban on Vacation Rentals
Notice of Public Hearing on 05.17.2017 for Zoning Text Amendment Regarding Vacation Rentals and B&Bs
Public Hearing Notice on 05.24.2017 — Sewer Fee Increase
LibraryResident&DonorInvitation – SpecialCouncilMeeting 04.20.2017
04.08.2017 Open House – Library – Civic Center

LSN Press Release

LS Networks Fiber Optic Project Coming to Maupin Flier


Consumer Confidence Reports / Drinking water:

CCR 2016 Web Ver pub 2017

CCR 2015 Web Ver pub 2016

2014 Consumer Confidence Report

2013 Consumer Confidence Report


City of Maupin- Charitable Request Form



Departmental Pages

Office of the Mayor – The Mayor’s personal page. Contains a welcome from the Mayor, an outline of the City’s current goals and community links.

City Council – This page has some brief information on all currently elected City Councilors, the role of the Council, meeting times and monthly agendas.

Planning Commission – Contains similar information as the City Council page regarding the Commission.

Department of Public Works – This page has contact information for the Department of Public works and announcements about municipal projects.

Ordinances & Forms – This page contains pdf documents of City ordinances and important forms.

Office of the Mayor


City of Maupin Newsletter


By Lynn Ewing

                                                                                                                    March 2018

Legislative Visit  Your Mayor travelled to Salem to meet with our local Legislators, Rep. Bonham and Sen. Bentz. It was planned to have three students and Mary Beechler also attend this visit in Salem. Weather prevented the school group from travelling so, with the help of Theresa Ewing, they set up a video conference from the high school here. Allie Noland, Matthew Gragg, and Anastasia Popchock, along with Librarian Beechler were able to present their information and testimony to the legislators. The purpose of this meeting was to request lottery funds from the Legislature to complete the Fiber Project and to get us ready for grant applications on the Library/Civic Center. They had also been impressed with Maupin’s efforts to move forward during their visit and tour last month. They have officially put forward our request for 1.5 million dollars in Lottery Funds to the joint Capital Projects Subcommittee. The mayor again travelled to Salem to testify before that committee on Friday, February 23. We should know the results of this request within two weeks or less. It did not hurt to have 50 letters of support that were received in a short 3-day window. Thank you to those who wrote one!

Fiber Project Carrie Pipinich of MCCED has applied for a state grant on behalf of the city which would fund the completion of this project. We have also gone directly to the Legislature to request lottery funds to do the same. Regardless of additional funding, we will be completing and “lighting up” the city-owned backbone which runs from the Canyon Rim Manor to the tech hut at the reservoir yard and from there down through town and across the bridge. This was partially made possible by a grant of $44,765 from the Columbia Gorge Health Council in an effort to get the clinic connected.

The Southern Wasco County Library “Expanding Our Future” Building Campaign The Library Steering Committee continues to gather community demographic information. We will be releasing a Request for Proposals for a Construction Manager / General Contractor to get on board with the project the first week of March. The company selected will work with the architects and engineers in crafting the best, most cost effective building we can get.

Planning Commission and Budget Committee The City of Maupin has openings for one person on the Planning Commission and for two people on the Budget Committee. This is your chance to participate in the future of our city. Pick up an application at City Hall.

The Maupin Street Improvement Project is under way. Vic Russell Construction of LaPine has completed replacement of underground infrastructure on Staats and on 6th Street from Staats uphill to the alley. Staats cannot be regraded and compacted until the temperatures are above freezing. The old pavement will then be removed from Staats and Grant between 5th and 6th. Some will also be removed from a portion of 6th Street between Grant and Staats. Once the weather warms enough, probably around April or May, those streets will be paved. If there is anyone who needs paving work done on their own property while they are in town it is much less expensive than if you do it at a different time. Call Mike from Vic Russell Construction at 541-420-4845 for a free estimate. We are also beginning to identify areas for the next street project.

Parks Committee – The Parks Committee has worked to create a Kaiser Park improvement plan. There was a meeting on Thursday, February 22 to finalize those plans and begin working on grant applications. A Master Plan for all parks in Maupin was also begun. An application will be submitted during the spring Oregon Parks and Recreation grant-funding cycle.

 Mt. Fir Park Playground Structures Site preparation and structure preparation will begin as soon as the weather allows. No shortage of volunteer opportunities! Sod and soil will need to be removed. Support structures for the equipment will need to be placed and leveled. The structure itself needs some sanding and staining. We hope the playground will be in place before the Little League season begins. Contact Jim Burgett, Alex Udey, or City Hall to volunteer.

Legion Hall The Town & Country Players are planning a fund-raising event for April 7th. Watch for details in the next newsletter and for posters around the communities.

Our City Engineers, Anderson Perry & Associates, have begun grant applications on behalf of the City to create new Water System plan updates and maps. These maps will be overlaid on city maps online and, along with the plans, will help guide and direct future projects to improve those systems. They are also required to be updated to stay in compliance with state regulations and to allow us to apply for grants for future projects. This project will be paid for with a state grant and a federal grant.

Donkey Trail & East Maupin River Boardwalk We have been working with ODOT on plans for these projects. Essentially there are to be 3 main phases. The first is using “Safe Routes to Schools” funds to hire a designer/consultant firm. A team from Alta Planning and Design will be here in mid-April to study the safe schools aspect and again in mid-May for a community meeting before they create a plan. Phase two would be the East Maupin Boardwalk to provide safe access from the downriver access road to the upriver access road along Bakeoven Road and Highway 197. The final phase would be designating and improving a connecting route for cyclists and pedestrians between Mt. Fir Park, the Donkey Trail and the Boardwalk. ODOT is also assisting with Grant Applications for Federal Lands Access Program (FLAP) funds.

Sheriff Lane Magill will be in Maupin for a Town Hall meeting to visit with local citizens on issues of interest from 6:30 – 8:00 on Wednesday, March 7th at the Legion Hall. This meeting was postponed from Feb. 21st due to weather.

Spring Cleanup is coming in April. Hazardous Waste will be collected Saturday, April 14th and on April 21st we will have dumpsters available for yard debris and garbage items. We are working with Emerald Systems on setting up for recycle of glass, Styrofoam, and other materials.

Recycling The Recycle Facility is open in Tygh Valley. Regular hours are not always possible, but you can call Julie Tucker at 541-645-5191. In addition to cardboard and paper, they also take sorted plastics, plastic grocery bags, sorted glass, and even inner tubes and Styrofoam! More to come.

Feel free to stop by or call City Hall if you have questions or concerns. The city staff and I are always glad to help out if we can.


Are you a Facebook user? We now have a City of Maupin Facebook page. We will use this to provide updates on what is happening in between these monthly newsletters. Like our page to keep up with what’s going on in town.


Phone Numbers & Email Addresses

Mayor Lynn Ewing

541-395-2811 Office

City Hall


Visit our City of Maupin Website @

Meeting Schedules

Planning Commission @ the City Park Building 6:00 p.m. 3/13/18

Council Meeting  @ the City Park Building 6:30 p.m. on 3/20/18

Council Meeting  @ the City Park Building 6:30 p.m. on 3/28/18



 See below to view Maupin Mayor’s Schedule:      

 Archived Letters:

Mayor Ewing




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Mayor Kay

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City Council

City Council Elected Officials

The Maupin City Council is responsible for managing Maupin’s budget and legal matters such as drafting of ordinances. The City Council is comprised of the Mayor and six councilors. Here is some brief information about Maupin’s current City Councilors.


Lynn Ewing – Mayor

Carol Rager – Council President

Tom Troutman – Council Member

Randy Bechtol– Council Member

Jon Helquist – Council Member

Suzanne Knapp – Council Member

Dennis Ross– Council Member

Committee Appointment:

Economic Development/Liaison with other Agencies/Library

Public Safety

Public Works

Parks & Recreation

Citizen Engagement


Capital Projects/Economic Development/Intergovernmental Relations

Council Announcements

Regularly scheduled City Council meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 pm.  Check here for special announcements on City Council matters.

City Council Monthly Agenda

Check the Agenda and Minutes section for each month’s City Council agenda. New agendas will generally be posted the week of the Council Meeting. If you would like to get an item on the agenda, you must submit your request in writing to the City no later than five (5) business days prior to the meeting date. If you have any further questions feel free to contact the City at or (541) 395-2698. Meetings are open to the public and location is accessible to persons with disabilities. The Council may deal with any item at any time in the meeting. Anyone wishing to be heard on any item should arrive when the meeting begins to avoid missing an item of interest. Topics not on the agenda may be introduced and discussed during the Open Agenda.


Public Testimony

The Council places great value on testimony from the public. People who wish to testify are encouraged to:

  • Provide written summaries (12 copies to the City Recorder prior to the agenda item)
  • Recognize that substance, not length, determines the value of testimony
  • Endorse, rather than repeat, testimony of other witnesses with whom you agree
  • The Mayor may limit time for testimony on any item and may set time limits (usually 3 minutes) for individual speakers.

Open Agenda

This time is set-aside for Council or public to introduce subjects not on the agenda. The Mayor will set time limits (usually 3 minutes) for individual speakers. The maximum amount of time for all public comments under this agenda item will be 30 minutes. Subjects requiring a decision may be tabled for consideration to the next regular scheduled Council meeting for opportunity of review or public notice. Anyone wishing to appear at Open Agenda is encouraged to let the City know in advance by calling Recorder DeOra Patton at 541-395-2698, and encouraged to provide written summaries (12 copies to the Recorder prior to the agenda item).

Planning Commission

Planning Commission Monthly Agenda

Planning Commission agenda’s will be posted to the Agenda and Minutes section prior to each meeting. New agendas will generally be posted the week of the commission meeting. If you would like to get an item on the agenda, you must submit your request in writing to the City. If you have any further questions feel free to contact the City at

Planning Commission Announcements

Planning Commission meetings are generally held the second Tuesday of each month at 6:00pm pending business at hand, see the Agendas and Minutes page for specific meeting information.

Planning Commission Members

The Maupin Planning Commission is responsible for processing most land use applications and conducting periodic land use reviews. The planning commission is comprised of five members, one of whom is elected as the commission chairman. Here is some brief information on the current Planning Commission members.
Dale Madden– Commission Chairman

Virginia Fuller– Commission Member

Suze Riley– Commission Member

Denis Carlsen– Commission Member

Susan Wright– Commission Member

Public Works

Welcome to the City of Maupin Department of Public Works Page. The Department of Public Works is responsible for the upkeep and improvement of municipal infrastructure and services including streets, water, sewer & parks. Use this page to keep up to date on municipal projects.

Please call (541)-993-0704 for after hours emergency related to Public Works issues/problems.



Contact Information

Public Works Contact Information

390 3rd Street, Maupin, OR 97037

(541) 395-2684


Emergency Only Contact Information


This number is only to be used after regular business hours in emergency situations.

City of Maupin Ordinances and Forms

This page contains a library of the City’s ordinances, city code, and forms. Documents are categorized by document type (i.e. Ordinances, Land Use, Forms, etc…). If you have any questions or are not finding the particular document you are looking for, feel free to contact Maupin City Hall at (541) 395-2698 or Please note that public documents are currently being compiled and digitized to be added to this page. We appreciate your patience with this process. If there is a particular document or ordinance you are looking for that has not been added to the list yet, contact us at the information given above.


Vacation Rental Ordinance No. 305 <ORD 305__Amending Zoning Ord 249 Text to Ban Vacation Rentals

Maupin Subdivision Ordinance No.250 <Maupin Subdivision Ordinance #250

Lot Line Adjustment ApplicationLand Use & Zoning<Lot Line Adjustment Application


Title Description   Category Modified Date Size
Fee Schedule Fee Schedule Download Fee Schedule 1/23/2013 31.11 KB
Site Plan Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applicaitons 12/2/2015 43.89 KB
Conditional Use Permit Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 44.45 KB
Partition Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 35.43 KB
Variance Permit Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 4/25/2016 47.24 KB
Zone Change Application Land Use & Zoning Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 40.11 KB
Sign Permit Application Signs Download Forms/Applications 1/23/2013 35.30 KB
Sign Ordinance Land Use & Zoning Download Ordinances 5/23/2007 3.61 MB
Comprehensive Land Use Plan Land Use & Zoning Download Ordinances 9/16/2011 1.70 MB
Zoning Ordinance Land Use & Zoning Download Ordinances 9/8/2011 2.67 MB