Welcome to Maupin

Gateway to the Deschutes River

The City of Maupin, incorporated in 1922, is located on the Lower Deschutes River in South Wasco County at the crossroads between central and eastern Oregon and the Columbia River Gorge. Its unique location, climate, and landscape has made it a sought-after place for recreation and an increasingly desirable place to live.

Aside from having direct access to recreational opportunities on the Lower Deschutes River, Maupin is also just 45 minutes by car from Mount Hood, the Columbia River Gorge, and two hours from Bend or Portland. Unlike many rural communities, Maupin also boasts Gigabit fiber connections available to nearly all homes and businesses.

Each summer, Maupin’s population swells with visitors who come for world-class rafting, fishing, cycling, camping, and hunting. Visitors will find charming boutique hotels with views of the Deschutes, exceptional restaurants for families, and plenty of opportunities to make memories outdoors. Local residents will find affordable homes and friendly neighborhoods. As we say around town, “There’s never a bad day in Maupin.”

The South Wasco County School District, its mascot named for the river’s Redside trout, serves students from a 600,000-acre area at the schools located within the city. The White River Health District serves that same geographic region from the Deschutes Rim Clinic, also based in Maupin.

Because of all this and more, Maupin has seen growth comparable to the rest of Central Oregon. In 2022, Maupin had a population of 431, according to Portland State University. The city expects more new construction and housing development within the next decade, with a population growth of 30 to 120 people. There are over 60 development-ready lots available within the city limits.