City Council

The City Council is comprised of the Mayor and six councilors.

The Maupin City Council is responsible for managing Maupin’s budget and legal matters such as drafting of ordinances. City councilors are elected every four years.


Council Meetings

Regularly scheduled City Council meetings are on the fourth Wednesday of every month at 6:30 p.m. at the Maupin Civic Center and on Zoom (Find the link to join on the current City Council agenda).

Check the agenda and minutes section for each month’s City Council agenda. New agendas will generally be posted the week of the council meeting. If you would like to get an item on the agenda, you must submit your request in writing to the City Manager or Mayor no later than five business days prior to the meeting date. Meetings are open to the public and location is accessible to persons with disabilities. The Council may deal with any item at any time in the meeting. Anyone wishing to be heard on any item should arrive when the meeting begins to avoid missing an item of interest. Topics not on the agenda may be introduced and discussed during the Open Agenda, but will not be acted upon.

If you have any further questions feel free to contact the City at or 541-395-2698.


Public Testimony

City Council places great value on testimony from the public. People who wish to testify are encouraged to:

  • Provide a written summary to the City Recorder in advance of the meeting
  • Recognize that substance, not length, determines the value of testimony
  • Endorse, rather than repeat, testimony of other witnesses with whom you agree
  • The Mayor may limit time for testimony on any item and may set time limits (usually 3 minutes) for individual speakers.

Audience Participation

This time is set-aside for the public to speak on any subject which does not later appear on the agenda. Three minutes per person will be allowed. The maximum amount of time for all public comments under this agenda item will be 15 minutes. Subjects requiring a decision will be tabled for consideration to a future Council meeting.