Planning & Land Use

Find information about building and land use, including links to new construction applications and Planning Commission agendas and minutes.

Building Permit Required

Prior to the erection, movement, reconstruction, extension, enlargement, or alteration of any structure, a permit for such erection, movement, reconstruction, extension, enlargement, or alteration shall be obtained from the zoning ordinance administrator of the City of Maupin and Wasco County.

The burden in all land use proceedings is upon the applicant. It is the responsibility of the applicant to provide a complete application with all required and requested documents, and any other documents and evidence relied upon by the applicant to provide sufficient specificity to afford the City the opportunity to respond.

Applications deemed incomplete will become null and void ninety (90) days from notice, and the filing fees paid will be non-refundable.

The issuance or granting of a permit, or approval of plans and specifications shall not be construed to be a permit for, or any approval of, any violation of any of the provisions of the Uniform Building Code as administered by the State of Oregon. No permit presuming to give authority to violate or cancel the provisions of this Code shall be valid, except insofar as to the work of use which it authorizes is lawful.

Application Process

Most new building projects will need to complete all of the forms in the New Construction Packet. In certain situations, particularly on commercial projects, additional forms and steps may be necessary. Please contact City Hall to talk about your project.

If you are building in a subdivision with a homeowner’s association (e.g. Rivercrest Village), the HOA board will have to approve your plans prior to you submitting them to the City. See FAQs for more information.

The Zoning Ordinance Administrator and City Planner will determine if an application is complete, at which time you will pay the applicable fees to the City of Maupin. Most applications need to be submitted and determined complete at least 21 days before the next Planning Commission meeting to be added to the agenda. The Zoning Ordinance Administrator will review your plans and schedule the review at Planning Commission if required. Most standard residential construction projects do not need Planning Commission approval.

Applicants can pick up their stamped and approved forms from the City of Maupin thirty (30) days after Planning Commission’s approval or after the Zoning Ordinance Administrator approval, barring any appeals from the public or City Council in the time allotted by General Provisions Ordinance No. 10. 4 B and C. You can then pick your stamped forms and submit them to Wasco County Building Codes Services.

Once a permit is obtained, your water-sewer utility account can be activated. If your project requires immediate access to water, you will begin paying a flat-rate fee monthly for the access. Once water and sewer utilities are ready to be installed in your project, you or your builder will need to notify City Hall, who will connect you with the Public Works employees. Once the connection is made, you will begin paying monthly water and sewer utility fees.

If you have specific questions about building in Maupin, please contact City Hall at 541-395-2698 or

Planning & Land Use Forms and Applications

Find the Planning & Land Use forms and applications here. Only completed applications and forms will be accepted. Forms and applications can be submitted in person at City Hall or via email (attached as a PDF) to Please see the City of Maupin Fee Schedule for fee information. Fees can be paid by check or by credit card. Not sure what form you need? Contact us at City Hall at 541-395-2698.

Land Use Decision Appeals

An applicant or party to a matter of a land use decision made by the Zoning Ordinance Administrator or Planning Commission may appeal the decision. See Maupin Municipal Code 18.100.400 for complete rules and procedures of land use of appeals. All appeal documents filed with the City of Maupin must be delivered to City Hall by email, postal service, or in person. An appeal will not be considered timely unless received no later than 4 p.m. on the deadline stated on the Notice of Decision or Resolution. An appeal is not considered complete until both the signed notice of appeal and filing fee are received. See Fee Schedule and Policy Resolution No. 09282022. If appellant prevails at Planning Commission or a subsequent appeal, the initial fee for the appeal shall be refunded by ORS 215.416(11)(b). This is not applicable for any subsequent appeal costs.

Land Use Appeal Form

Planning & Development Documents

Comprehensive Land Use Plan (2006)

Economic Opportunities Analysis (2019)

Housing Needs Analysis (2021)

Water System Master Plan (2022)