Short Term Rentals

Homeowners can use their home or ADU as a short-term rental if it is in the Recreation-Commercial zone. If you plan to do so, you will be subject to the City of Maupin’s Transient Lodging Tax and the State of Oregon’s Lodging Tax, and you will need to complete a Short Term Rental License Application.

Find out which zone your home or lot is in by using the Wasco County Public Basemap. You can also refer to the City of Maupin’s Comprehensive Zoning Map.

Transient Lodging Tax

Transient Lodging Taxes are a vital tool for promoting tourism and supporting tourism-related services and facilities in local municipalities. The City adopted a Transient Lodging Tax in 2009 with Ordinance No. 286. The ordinance was updated and replaced with Ordinance No. 295 (Maupin Municipal Code 3.30) in 2013. The Dedicated Tourism Fund, which funds the Maupin Area Chamber of Commerce, is funded by 90 percent of Transient Lodging Taxes collected by the City of Maupin.

  • All lodging providers shall register with the City of Maupin by completing the Lodging Tax Registration form
  • The city lodging tax applies to lodging receipts throughout the entire year.
  • The lodging tax rate is six percent (6%) of lodging receipts.
  • Lodging providers must calculate the lodging tax quarterly and pay it to the City of Maupin within 30 days of the end of each quarter, along with a copy of their State of Oregon tax return. Find the Quarterly Lodging Tax Form here.
  • Lodging providers may keep two percent (2%) of the tax they collect for administrative expense.
  • Lodging providers are required to maintain records that verify the correct tax due, and maintain records for a minimum of three years.