The Maupin Planning Commission will conduct two Public Hearings at a meeting scheduled for 6:00 p.m. on August 9, 2022, at the Maupin Civic Center and via videoconference. The purpose of the hearings is to consider:

  1. Canceled: A 12-lot subdivision to be completed in two phases as proposed by Mr. Troutman. The subject parcels proposed to be subdivided are located within the Open Space (OS) and Low Density Residential (LD-R) Zones. Phase one will consist of proposed lots 1-7, located south of a proposed private street. Lots 8-12 are to be completed as phase two of the subdivision. An existing access road is proposed to be extended to serve all proposed lots as a private street. The subject property is legally described as Lots A, B, & C of the Original Town of Maupin and Parcel 2 of Partition Plat 2020-0013.
  2. A single-family dwelling in the Medium Density Residential (MD-R) Zone proposed by Mr. and Mrs. Ballou. The property is currently vacant and legally described as Lots 9 and 10 of Block 15 of the Original Townsite of Maupin, the subject lots are contained within Taxlot 3600 of Wasco County Assessor’s Map 4S-14E-32 DA. The dwelling is proposed to be located within two platted lots and thus does not meet the side-yard setback requirements of Section 3.5 of the Maupin Zoning Ordinance. As part of this hearing, the Planning Commission will make a policy recommendation to the City Council addressing the inconsistencies of the Zoning Ordinance regarding setback requirements. In particular, whether setbacks are to be measured to lot lines or property (tax lot) lines. A variance to the front yard setback requirements is requested to construct a deck within 15 feet of the lot line abutting Elrod Drive.

All interested are urged to attend. If you have any questions, please contact City Manager Kevin Lewis at CITYMANAGER@CITYOFMAUPIN.ORG or 541-395-2698.