Business & Economic Development

Entrepreneurs and small businesses come to Maupin for its economic opportunity and access to resources.

Maupin is home to small businesses that range from outdoor recreation guides to agriculture to manufacturing. If you are thinking about starting a business in Maupin or the surrounding area, there are a lot of helpful resources available.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Does the City require businesses licenses?

No, the City of Maupin does not require a business license, but all businesses must be registered with the State of Oregon. Find more information here.

I’d like to put up a new sign or replace an old one on my business property. What do I need to do?

Before designing, purchasing, and installing a sign, business and commercial property owners should become familiar with Maupin’s sign ordinance. To add a sign to your commercial property or replace one, you will need to submit a Sign Permit Application and pay the application fee. The application will be reviewed by the City’s planner to confirm that your sign plans meet the City’s code. The process usually takes about two weeks.

When should a business complete a Site Plan Review?

Business owners should complete a Site Plan Review when they are taking over a new building and changing the previous use of it (e.g. opening a restaurant in a location that used to host retail), expanding the existing use of the property or business, or making any alterations to the property that changes the use of the business or that would require a building permit.

What is the process for a new or expanded liquor license?

A business will need to complete a Site Plan Review when they are applying for a liquor license or making changes to a current liquor license. Read more about the liquor licensing process on OLCC’s website.

Can I open a food cart in Maupin?

No, Maupin does not currently allow food carts. A pilot program was created in 2021 and 2022 but was not permanently adopted. See Maupin Municipal Code 5.40 for more information.

Can I open a marijuana dispensary in Maupin?

No, Maupin prohibited marijuana processors, medical marijuana dispensaries, recreational marijuana businesses, and the sale of marijuana recreation products. See Maupin Municipal Code 5.20 for more information.

What land is available for commercial use?

Use the Wasco County Public Basemap with the zoning overlay to see what properties are zoned for commercial use. Read the zoning code to learn more about what uses are allowed in each zone.

Maupin Area Chamber of Commerce
Phone: 541-993-1708

Maupin Works

Maupin Works is a small business hub and coworking space in downtown Maupin.

Mid-Columbia Economic Development District

802 Chenowith Loop Road
The Dalles, Oregon 97058
Phone: 541-296-2266

Columbia Gorge Small Business Development Center

Columbia Gorge Community College
400 East Scenic Drive
The Dalles, Oregon 97058
Phone: 541-506-6121