Street Design Standards Plan Update & Donkey Trail Plan

In November 2023, staff and consultants launched a large planning and land use project. We received a $120,000 grant to update our Street Design Standards Plan and begin long-range planning for the Donkey Trail project. The process will take about a year, and the result will be two planning documents that will help guide the City in active transportation planning for the future.

The project is funded by Transportation & Growth Management (TGM) program. The TGM program is a partnership of the Oregon Department of Land Conservation and Development and Oregon Department of Transportation. The program helps governments across Oregon with skills and resources to plan long-term, sustainable growth in their transportation systems in line with other planning for changing demographics and land uses. TGM Planning Grants help local jurisdictions plan for streets and land to lead to more livable, sustainable, and economically vital communities. This planning increases opportunities for transit, walking and bicycling.

Public Involvement & Feedback

Visit the Project Webpage Here

In addition to in-person feedback, the project website includes an interactive map for commenting and general feedback. This interactive map will allow members of the public to identify potential pathways and active transportation concerns. The interactive map will remain active throughout the duration of the Project and will be monitored and maintained by the Consultant. The webpage will also provide information about public meetings.