Wastewater Facilities Improvements – Phase 1

While Maupin’s wastewater collection and discharge systems have enough capacity to meet our population estimates through 2024, the facilities are aging in need of major improvements and, in some cases, replacement in order continue to meet DEQ’s requirements for redundancy and reliability.


  • Spring 2024 Hold a One-Stop meeting with state and federal funding sources

Project Scope

  • Improvements needed in the next 5 years
    • Repair collection system deficiencies that cannot be rehabilitated with CIPP lining.
    • Replace the existing collection system lift station with a new submersible lift station.
    • Substantially improve the existing wastewater treatment facility with a new headworks facility, secondary treatment package plant, disinfection facilities, and sludge drying beds. Additionally, the existing plant will be converted into two digesters
    • Total estimated cost: $8,243,000
  • Improvements needed in the next 10 years
    • Replace 6,700 linear feet of trunk sewer CIPP lining
    • Replace 1,800 linear feet of 10-inch interceptor sewer CIPP lining
    • Total estimated cost: $1,058,000
  • Improvements needed in the next 20 years
    • Replace 7,100 linear feet of collection sewer CIPP lining
    • Replace 1,735 linear feet of 4-inch ductile iron forcemain
    • Total estimated cost: $1,687,000

Cost and Financing

  • The majority of funds will come from loans from state and federal sources
  • The City will know about about the costs, financing, and debt service requirements after the One-Stop meeting in Spring 2024


In 2023, the City completed the Wastewater Facilities Plan, a document that will guide the City in improving and expanding our wastewater collection and treatment facilities for the next twenty years. These projects are outlined in the plan or will be included as amendments, based on the recommendation of City staff and Council.