Water System Improvements – Phase 1

Maupin’s water system is aging and in need of major improvements in order to continue providing the safe, reliable drinking water for the town.


  • June 2022 Adopted Water System Master Plan
  • June 2023 Held One-Stop Meeting with state and federal funding sources
  • January-April 2024 Submit Funding Applications
  • May-June 2024 Finalize Project Funding
  • August 2024-August 2025 Preliminary and Final Design
  • November 2024-July 2025 Environmental Assessment/Cultural Resource Reports
  • September 2025 Bid and Award Construction Contract
  • January 2026-December 2026 Construct Improvements
  • January 2027 Closeout Project

Project Scope

  • The existing Spring Booster Pump Station will be replaced with a complete new booster pump station, including building, pumps, piping and valves, electrical, controls and instrumentation, telemetry, and standby power generator system.
  • A new buried water transmission line from the Spring Booster Pump Station to the Lower Reservoir will be installed to replace the old exposed one.
  • The upper water storage reservoir will be rehabilitated by repairing the existing tank floor and other areas needing repair and removing the existing coating and re-coating the entire structure with a new paint systems. For further protection of the upper water storage reservoir, an impressed current cathodic protection system will be installed in the tank to help control and minimize further corrosion of the steel structure.
  • Distribution system improvements include installing water main lines to replace old, leaking, undersized, and deteriorating lines.
  • New telemetry and SCADA system will be installed for enhance water system control and monitoring.

Cost and Financing

  • The majority of funds will come from loans from state and federal sources
  • In January 2024 the City submitted a Letter of Interest to apply for a loan through the Safe Drinking Water Revolving Loan Fund
  • In February 2024 the City submitted a Community Initiated Project Request to Senators Merkley and Wyden for $1,000,000 to support these projects
  • The loans will be paid back through user rates. Residential user rates are currently $33.50 per month and will need to be raised to about $69 per month in order for the city to finance the loan. The rates will need to be adjusted by the time construction on the project is complete (currently estimated at January 2027). The City will provide more information as it becomes available.


In 2022, the City adopted the Water System Master Plan, a document that will guide the City in improving and expanding our water system for the next twenty years. These projects are outlined in the plan or will be included as amendments, based on the recommendation of City staff and Council.