Code Compliance

Preserving the peace, health, general welfare, and safety of the City of Maupin.

The City of Maupin’s Code Compliance program aims to support a safe and healthy community for all residents by identifying, investigating, and correcting code violations related to public health, safety, and welfare. We promote voluntary compliance through education and working with property owners to achieve cooperative and lasting results. In rare cases where voluntary compliance is not achieved, Code Compliance staff will issue official notices in combination with civil penalties such as citations, injunctions, and/or property liens.

Code Compliance receives/responds to complaints for potential code violations within the City of Maupin. Examples of common issues include:

  • Junk
  • Noxious Vegetation
  • Abandoned Vehicles
  • Occupied Vehicles
  • Zoning Violations
  • Noise Violations

Code Compliance does not have the authority to enforce:

  • Complaints involving properties outside the City of Maupin (i.e. Wasco County jurisdiction)
  • Criminal activity (If you believe an issue involves criminal and/or dangerous individuals/activities, call 911.)
  • Animal infestations or pests

Residents can file a Code Compliance complaint, access forms, and learn more about the compliance process by following the links below.

FAQs and Code Compliance Resources

Chapter 9.10 – Nuisances and Abatement

Code Compliance Complaint Form

Compliance Date Extension Request Form

Abatement Cost Waiver Request Form

Notice of Intent to Appeal Form


Melissa Napoli, Community Liaison