Frequently Asked Questions

How do I know what zone I’m building in?

You can determine what zone you are building in by using the Wasco County Public Basemap. You can also refer to the City of Maupin’s Comprehensive Zoning Map.

What are the setbacks and regulations for the lot that I’m building on?

Once you determine which zone your lot is located in, you can find the zoning regulations in the City of Maupin’s Zoning Ordinance.

What will I need to pay to the City of Maupin to build a new home in city limits?

You will need to pay, at a minimum, an Application Fee, a Site Plan Review Fee, Water and Sewer Connection Fees, and System Development Charges. The exact amount is determined by the size of your project. Refer to the Fee Schedule and System Development Charges for more information. Depending on your project, the City of Maupin may charge you for incurred planner or attorney fees that are used during your application process.

What are the System Development Charges?

SDCs are one-time fees on new development to help pay for future infrastructure in the City of Maupin. You can read more about System Development Charges here.

I’m building in Rivercrest Village. What are the regulations for building in the subdivision?

Refer to the Rivercrest Village architectural guidelines, CCRs, and Fee Schedule in addition to Maupin’s Zoning Ordinances for questions about building in the subdivision. Call the HOA Board President at 541-815-9779 for more information before getting started. Also note that the Rivercrest Board must approve all plans before any work can be done on the property.

Can you show me where the water and sewer lines are on my property?

You can request a utility locate through the Oregon Utility Notification Center.

How can I get water access on my property before I start building?

Property owners or contractors can request a water connection for a faucet with our Water-Sewer Connection Application. A Public Works employee will install the connection and notify you when the work is completed. Once the water-sewer connection is made, the property owner will begin paying water/sewer utility fees.

Can I build an accessory dwelling unit (ADU) on my property?

Yes. Property owners in the residential zones can build ADUs on their properties. Please refer to the Zoning Ordinance for information about building requirements.

Can I build a tiny home on my lot?

No. Tiny homes that are built on a chassis with an axle (mobile) are classified as Recreation Vehicles (RV) and are only allowed to be used temporarily for recreational, seasonal, or emergency purposes. You can ready more about tiny homes in Oregon and Wasco County here.

Can I use my home or ADU as a short-term rental (Airbnb, VRBO, etc.)?

You can use your home or ADU as a short-term rental if it is in the Recreation-Commercial zone. If you plan to do so, you will be subject to the City of Maupin’s Transient Lodging Tax and the State of Oregon’s Lodging Tax, and you will need to complete a Short Term Rental License Application. Find out which zone your home or lot is in by using the Wasco County Public Basemap. You can also refer to the City of Maupin’s Comprehensive Zoning Map.

Can I build a fence on my property?

Yes. Fences can be up to six feet tall from the street curb elevation. Barbed wire and electric fences are not allowed. If you are digging holes for posts, you can request a utility locate through the Oregon Utility Notification Center.

I’m a contractor working on a construction project within city limits. What permits or approvals do I need?

Depending on the project, contractors may need to complete the Right of Way Permit Application and the Bulk Water Use Application. The City of Maupin does not have a city-issued business license requirement to operate, but all businesses must be registered with the State of Oregon.

I’m a developer looking to create a new subdivision in Maupin. What do I need to do?

Please read the Subdivision Ordinance to learn more about the requirements and the process for getting a new subdivision approved. Developers should also set up a meeting with City Hall staff to talk about your project before getting started.

Why does my construction project need approval from Planning Commission and/or City Council?

This is a process that is determined through the State of Oregon Department of Land Conservation & Development and City of Maupin charter and ordinances. Ordinances require that Site Plan Review applications must be determined complete at least 21 days prior to the next Planning Commission meeting in order to be on the agenda.

What if I am remodeling the interior of a building?

All interior remodels that require building code approval from Wasco County require a Zoning Review application approved by the City of Maupin.

Do I need a permit to tear down a building?

Demolition or structure removal does not require a permit; however, property owners need to check with local and state agencies on regulations for tear down or removal procedure, disposal of structure materials, and clean up. You should also check regulations for historic structures.

What is the process for building in Maupin’s Scenic Waterway District?

Maupin Municipal Code 18.30.110 states that “Development proposals within the scenic waterway district must first be approved by the state Parks and Recreation Department rivers program. Any outright permitted use allowed by the zoning ordinance which is not visible from the river, although it is within the scenic waterway, shall be allowed without any additional conditions or requirements by the city, other than those required by the zoning ordinance. [Ord. 311 § 3.10, 2020.]”. The district can be seen in the 2005 Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map (last page). If your property is within that boundary, then you will need to reach out to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department with a Notification of Intent. If OPRD approves your plans, you can begin the Site Plan Review process with the City. Read the State Scenic Waterway NOI instructions and the Landowner’s Guide to the Oregon Scenic Waterway Program for more information. Reach out to City Hall planning staff with questions.

Can I appeal a land use decision?

Yes, Oregon land use laws give the right to appeal land use decisions. See Maupin Municipal Code 18.100.400 for complete rules and procedures of land use of appeals. Applicants or those party to a land use decision can submit the Land Use Appeal Form to City Hall in person or by email or post office.