Community Wildfire Risk Reduction

Do your part to reduce the risk of wildfires in Maupin by:

  • Creating defensible space around your home
  • Never storing flammable products incorrectly or allowing debris piles to accumulate
  • Applying for contractor assistance in removing debris, dead trees, and other natural fire fuels from your property at no cost through the CWRR Program.
About the Community Wildfire Risk Reduction Program

Maupin has been awarded a $95,000 grant from the Oregon State Fire Marshal’s office to fund two wildfire risk reduction projects in our community over the next three years.

Project 1

The “Stop the Spread Challenge” will fund the purchase of a trailer to be provided to Maupin’s neighborhoods on a rotating basis for residents to deposit yard waste for removal. This project will also fund the purchase of lawn and garden tools which will be made available to residents through the Library of Things at the Southern Wasco County Library. The community debris trailer and tools will be available beginning spring 2024.

Yard Debris Trailer Information

 The trailer was purchased with grant funds and will be moved through neighborhood zones within city limits on a weekly basis from April 1 to October 1 during the duration of the grant. Please see the Yard Debris Trailer Map to find your zone.

Zone 1: April 1 – 7
Zone 2: April 8-14
Zone 3: April 15- 21
Zone 4: April 22 – 28
Zone 5: April 29 – May 5
Zone 6: May 6 – 12
Zone 7: May 13 – 19
Zone 8: May 20 – 26
Zone 9: May 27 – June 2
Zone 10: June 3 – 9
Zone 11: June 10 – 16

Stop the Spread Challenge Information

Activities which may qualify for credit in the program are: Removing organic fire fuels like grass, dead trees, or shrubbery; replacing bark dust or wood chips with fire-resistant materials like river rock or gravel; or removing flammable products like paint or chemicals from under decks and porches. These tasks, in addition to having a current emergency plan for your household, greatly reduce the risk to life and property in the event of a wildfire. 

Residents who wish to participate in the Stop the Spread Challenge can register their project by coming by City Hall, completing the form, and picking up a Stop the Spread information packet. When the project is complete, send before and after pictures (or request a site visit) to MNAPOLI@CITYOFMAUPIN.ORG to receive a $50 gift certificate for Canyon Gardens Nursery to be used towards the purchase of fire-resistant plants.

Roger Pearce, owner of Canyon Gardens Nursery, has been hard at work cultivating plants for the Stop the Spread Challenge and will have a host of options to meet your gardening needs this spring.

Hours worked to complete projects will be counted towards Maupin’s goal of becoming a certified Firewise USA community. More information on the Firewise USA program and its benefits are available at NFPA.ORG

Project 2

Another project provides funding for contractors to perform yard and debris cleanup, dead tree removal and other natural fire fuel removal projects for residents who may be facing financial hardship, physical or health limitations or other challenges which prevent them from creating defensible space around their property. Properties will be selected over the coming months, with work to begin spring 2024.

Applications will be accepted on a rolling basis. Click here to apply.

For more information about these programs, please contact Community Liaison Melissa Napoli at or 541-395-2698