Statewide Land Use Resources

Building Codes Division

Learn more about the rules and regulations for building in Oregon at the Building Codes Division.

Land Use Board of Appeals

Land use decisions made by local governments in Oregon may be appealed to the state Land Use Board of Appeals.

Department of Land Conservation and Development

The Department of Land Conservation and Development (DLCD) is the land use planning and regulatory agency in Oregon.

Oregon Parks and Recreation Department – State Scenic Waterway

Maupin Municipal Code 18.30.110 states that “Development proposals within the scenic waterway district must first be approved by the state Parks and Recreation Department rivers program. Any outright permitted use allowed by the zoning ordinance which is not visible from the river, although it is within the scenic waterway, shall be allowed without any additional conditions or requirements by the city, other than those required by the zoning ordinance. [Ord. 311 § 3.10, 2020.]”. The district can be seen in the 2005 Comprehensive Plan/Zoning Map (last page). If your property is within that boundary, then you will need to reach out to Oregon Parks and Recreation Department with a Notification of Intent. If OPRD approves your plans, you can begin the Site Plan Review process with the City. Read the State Scenic Waterway NOI instructions and the Landowner’s Guide to the Oregon Scenic Waterway Program for more information.